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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Le Romanza Ampang♥

As I promised,here I am to post about Le Romanza & my mum birthday ;)

The Entrance~
This restaurant is just right beside Victoria Station...

I love the environment there...super romantic...

Mum's Cocktail...It cost RM 56~! 
And honestly this taste like FEVER SYRUP~ so not worth it...


 This is free...Bread and eat with chilli oil...quite unique!
I like spicy so this is nice for me... ;)

Wild Mushroom Risotto
Served with goat’s cheese croquettes, pan-fried simiji mushrooms with a crisps mushroom and truffle tortellini finished with a lemon infuse hollandaise.

: This is awesome!

 This soup...err...Very not Asian so we dont really like it...
It is weird for us~

This is Fruit + some kind of sour ice on top...
It is for you to clear the taste in ur mouth...
It is nice just that we dont know it is sour,and we eat like a boss...
then...this is the reaction we get from my grandpa ^^
SOUR!!!(He is cute,isn't he?)
Little sis : It is nice (but the face still....SOUR!!!)

 Ostrich Fan Fillet
Served with tequila marinated rasins, butternut puree, pomme anna and seasonal vegetables with minted yogurt.

: This is yummy,just if you dare to try~!
Never realise Ostrich can be so yummy (I feel that I am so cruel *sobsob*)

8 Hour Slow Braised Lamb Shank
Served with roasted garlic infused pomme puree, crushed minted peas, mixed berry compote and braising jus finished with seasonal vegetables.

: If you don't like the LAMB smell,you will hate this...
I love it,so I think it is nice!

Duck Duck Duck!
I dont really like duck so i didnt try this...But they said N-I-C-E~~~

Ngek ngek ngek,my favourite time! DESSERT TIME!!!

Chocolate Landscape
A lot of people introduce this...but we dont really like it...
And it cost ard RM40,not worth.
I prefer another one...

We all prefer this! I forgot what this call...
Some MANGO thg on top then the white thg is conense milk~

OK~NOW Camwhore session!

Family photo after months :P
We are happy family ;)

Someone too short,we have to ACT SHORT to balance~!!
(She still wearing HEELS!!!)

Camwhore in the car~!
with my two pretty sis~♥

♥The Birthday lady♥

Like her outfit?
Then I think you will like me...(as in styling) LOL...

Little adult~!

Three of us with Grandpa ;)

Grandpa is dreaming...haha

Do Re Mi~ Haha...
Mummy,your girls are home now ;)

That dress my mum wore is from NEW LOOK and it cost only RM50~
Worth! (Cz the quality is good)
Oh,And I love my heels ;)
It is so my style ^^

 Sweet to the MAX~!

I am mei mei,she is jie jie~ haha

Oppsy,Sorry I am too tall... LOL



With the Manager^^
He is so cuteeeeeeeeee

Le Husband and Wife
I love to have a picture of 5 of us tgtr!!!

That is COMPLETE,this is PERFECT~!
But my grandma can't go with us that day,coz she was too tired...
Grandma,get well soon! then we go makan "HO LIAO"!!!

Le two girls and Le one they miss so much!


Thursday, July 5, 2012

4.7.12 Mummy's Birthday ♥♥♥

I love the environment there...Super awesome!!!

My elder sis

 Me ♥♥♥

My younger sis ;)

Daddy and Mummy~

Hey hey,hello ladies ~

I love you,you love me,we are HAPPY FAMILY ♥♥♥

P/s:Stay tuned for more info and photos about Le Romanza ;)
      Will blog once I back from BKK ^^

Live like a princess
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