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Thursday, April 26, 2012

TaDaaa......Samsung Galaxy Note ♥

Galaxy Note has a PEN,so cool right?
Can play DRAW SOMETHING with the pen! LOL

This Rilakkuma Casing make my phone even bigger @@

My Rilakkuma Casing ♥ 

I changed my Iphone to Samsung Galaxy Note during this WINTER break...
B'cz my dear IPHONE drop into the water and I did try to give it CPR... (LOL kidding)
At the end it just die :(
At first my parents decided to buy me a zap pa lang phone .
I did buy a zap pa lang phone,and it is really really lousy...
so i go to the shop and ask the uncle whether can refund ont...
He said canot but can buy another phone then he deduct the money of the lousy phone...
I knew I sure kena cheat ady but the phone really...lousy la,how to use...
Then I was thinking wanna buy Galazy Nexus or Galaxy Note...
At the end I decided to buy Galaxy note because I like it BIG.

Friends of mine keep asking me,Not big meh galaxy note? nice merh?
BIG! But I like it! And I really fall in love to it ady...
It is really convenience and very light (0.14kg)

I LOVE my phone and of course my parents who bought this for me ;)
 ♥  ♥  ♥ 


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

DreamFlash a.k.a Bubble Festival Part2



 Half Naked and MUSCULAR guy...Stay calm girls~!

Look like Chinese Dragon~

Avril Lavigne? or Lady Gaga?

This is COOL~!

Malaysian also kissing~

Collection of kisses~

Forever Alone Guy~

He quite cute la~

This is even cuter~ The Crocodile guy ;)

Met BoYuan~

And Lawrence~

So talllllll~

Pretty Hawaii Girl~

Cute piggy,it shake it butt when it run~

Spot the Legging!

Violin performance~

Future Human?

A cute girl need HUGS~


Went bck with the satisfy face :)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

DreamFlash a.k.a Bubble Festival Part 1

DREAMFLASH is an event which people playing bubbles,giving free hugs,dressing up with different constumes,taking photos,showing their talent,giving kisses and LOVE...and of course having FUN~!

It was last SUNDAY 22.04.2012

READY to go? spot her excited face! 

This is what we saw when we stepped out from the METRO station.

Crowded ( People Mountain People Sea !)

Free HUGS from pretty girls

Even Free KICKS?

Funny people~


Different type of contumes~

PACMAN !  My Love ~~

This two naughty BIKINI girl~They unzipped my dress...

Lots of FREE HUGS~


Cute ghost ;)


Met Fel there~


Angry Bird Family.CUTE~!

They climb everywhere...


High 10?

Pink Princess~

Mr Horse~

Try to act cool ? LOL

Stay tuned to Part 2 ;)