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Thursday, June 23, 2011

BFs ♥

【伟大的友谊】25岁的英国士兵Barry Delaney穿着鲜亮的绿色吊带短裙和粉红腿套,
在同袍好友Kevin Elliott的葬礼上哭的一塌糊涂,他俩是同在阿富汗执行任务的好友.

This is so touching.
I have a silly thought,If one day I die*touch wood,choichoichoi*
I hope my funeral is colourful but not black.
Is like everyone having PARTY,so happy=]
LOL.(Think too much)

I hope our friendship never fade.
Hey,I got another list of BFs.
Who I met in Russia.
They are all awesome people.

Dearest roommate=YY
Neighbour+groupmate=Martin,Soon Fei
Random Best F=Chia Hoong
Always Best F=Jeffrey(this one a lot of -mate a.LOL)

Phil's milo
Bo's meek
YY's shit bricks
Jeff's no reason laugh
Marlau's black joke
Chia Hoong's nyan
Soon Fei's yer
Onion's lala pawar
We are happy family.

How can I live without you guys?
You guys cheer me up everyday...
Even though sometime really FAIL la,
but I appreciate it.A LOT!!

YY,thanks for all the things you did.
You always the best !
Sometimes,you know girl...PMS.
so kinda paiseh if I did smtg that make you mad or sad.
And CHEER up.
I know a girl who always so cheerful like you hide a lot of sadness behind your smile.
My ears always ready for you=]
We can cry together.LOL
but then still hope you can be as cheerful as you always do.

Do whatever you think is worth and no regret.
I am here to support you always

Your LALAonion Yap
Lala pawarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. RAWR.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011





Your chubby onion yap

I miss him badly.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Let it be instead of let it go.

(kinda likey this photo*)

Yea...Just let it be...
The more I tried to let go,The love goes deeper.
So yeah.

It had been 1 month,we never contact each other.
Whatever.(Everytime i say whatever,my heart actually shouting : arghhh,I f4king care!) 
really sh1t.
Idk what should I do.

And few days ago...I cried and I couldn't control.
*too loud until my neighbour heard and they come to comfort me.*
At the moment I just realise I am losing him.
so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so SAD, you know?
And my double eye lid become single eye lid.
Hais what to do? bo bian.
Sleep lo.

Let it be...
Imma scary girl-This quite true.

Sometime I really don't feel like going back...
Maybe I just afraid of going back...
But Dad and Mum...
I miss my family and friends.
I duno what "CRAZY" things i will do when i go back.
Just STAY TUNED people.


Saturday, June 18, 2011

Some of you might not likey this post.....

Now is early in the morning.
And I gotta go to UNI later,yesh you didn't read wrongly....I have to go to uni for my latin zachut.
The bulldog teacher.Grrrr
And yeah,these few days i 'am' very emo.
Why emo?You guys are smart just guess.


Well,i wanna share a story.
You guys sure thinking:"what?!story?!LAME!We wanna see photos la!!"
Oppsy,sorry no photos because i using iphone now.
Here we go,
A long long time ago,super super long time ago.Before dinasour die....LOL(bombastic!)
There was a guy call "M",he brought his gf to a sushi palace on their first date.
And then he told his gf:"Before u use the wood chostick u hv to make a wish and then seperate them.
The gf i think is low IQ,she seriously go and make a wish.
And everytime he brought her to sushi palace she will make the same wish:she wish today(that day),will be a happy day.*with him.
And then one day,the guy just disappeared and the girl still continue to make the same wish everytime she went to sushi palace.
But this time,the girl make a diff wish:"She hope today,he will be happy."

Lol.happy ending:)
Bye.Good luck to all my friends(all the bulldog student)


Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Time flies.
One more month I will be back HOME!
So fast !
I can't wait for it =]
I not really miss Msia food tho.
People,once I go bck Msia pls intro some freelance job for me...
As much as possible=]

And now.
Focus on study...
Everyday got more than one test to clear...
Then final is around the corner!
Busy month ever.
*fiuuuuuuuuuuuuu (chao first)