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Sunday, October 21, 2012

I was too boring today...
*actually I was STRESS*
And Halloween is coming,so I decided to draw something on my face...
A lot of people like to make up as a zombie/vampire,I think of doing that too but I did it two years ago,so today I wanna do something different.

*Watch out !* 

*That stare*

I hope you guys still like me after looking at all these photos... LOL ;)

Enough for the scary face...Let's act CUTE ;)

Hope you guys "ENJOY" it ^^
Love you guys <3

After I finish taking picture,I decided to scare my sis,cz she coming back from volleyball training...
And I actually scared her,I took a video of her shock face...It's funny,I cnt stop laughing ;)
I am glad I have a sister,the one who you can "play" with.muahahaha.
I LOVE YOU sis! ^^

 Love  ,